Green  Pink, a Professional Diaper Bags Supplier

  • Green Pink ,diaper bags supplier ,founded in 2007, starts with diaper bag, school bag, cooler bag.
  • 15,000sq. meters of factory, with sales dept. production dept, printing dept.
  • 200 skilled workers grow up with GreenPink, works on every piece of item.
  • 200 sewing machines.
  • Audited by Disney, Wal-mart, BSCI,PUMA.
  • Market shares: 35%Europe,30%USA, 25%South  America, 10% Asia.
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Production Dept.

  • As a professional diaper bags supplier, with 200 skilled workers, most of them with up 5 years experiences in sewing bags.
  • 2000PCS/ Day production capacity for diaper bag, school bag, cooler bag.
  • 60.000PCS/ Month production capacity for diaper bag, school bag, cooler bag.
  • 800.000PCS/ Year production capacity for diaper bag, school bag, cooler bag.

Packing Dept.

  • A qualified product is packed in special sized, coloured and shaped container.
  • Good and firm packaging to provide protection to the product from dirt, insects, dampness and breakage.
  • Packaging dept. also check and correct products before packing an item.

Samples Showroom

  • Large space to display product ranges from diaper bags to school backpack.
  • Our customers can view diaper bags, nappy bags and school backpacks and hot sells.
  • The latest designing and manufacturing Kids bags and diaper bags shown here.
  • More then 100 design comes out each year.
diaper bags

Diaper Bags

The best choice for first time mother.

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school bags

School Bags

Back to school with stylish bag and much fun .

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lunch bags

Lunch Bags

With vivid lunch bag, meal time is a big time.

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stroller organizer

Stroller Organizer

Hit the road with oganizer.

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