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School Kids Bags is one of our proud range. We got Fred, Cindy, Annie and Frog those wonderful and vivid animal characters. All those design makes school time much fun than ever before.Let the children start the school day off right by carrying items in one of the stylish School Bags.This makes them an amazing school time and more wonderful. Come and Find Children’s School Bags, Messenger School Bags, and more at Green Pink.
With durable material like polyester, nylon and satin, the best bags for back to school, satchels, totes, and messenger bags.All Green Pink’s sturdy, personalized school bags for kids are perfect for the bus ride, classroom, playground and more.

How to make kids bags colorful and welcome? In Green Pink, we will show you nice design with new wonderful colors.Mostly, kids love colors. Colors can make them feel happy and give them a joy moment of excitement. The trending colors of 2016 will bring more joy as we will shape these exciting colors in our bags category. No just this, we also manage to bring more eye engaging colors for kids so they will have lots of choices to select the best for themselves.